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OP and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Just got the call ‘Theatre about to go dark’! here at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Hugely no-real-words-for-it exciting to be in this space today and tomorrow for the sonnet performance at 7pm then saturday at 12 noon for a tech/dress/first try-out of Macbeth and sunday 7pm full read/performance of Macbeth with full complement of cast (4 pros who aren’t part of the ensemble and 16 ensemble whereof 4 or five have other jobs and aren’t always there).

Learning hand over fist about staging and ensemble work. The candlelician (seriously that’s the candle tech’s name) is lowering the chandeliers (sorry candleliers) to different heights for the candle tech run through. The cast is in the audience area spread over the two tiers, either learning lines or songs, or capturing photos which we are strictly contract breakingly NOT allowed to make public.

Our superbly chillax contact from the Globe, Colette is hanging on her computer in the pit. Conveniently out of the way of Stage manager Mike, director Rob and our Ben overseeing the candle-abracadabra but close enough to facilitate when necessary.

The Globe itself is full mid-season with Julius Caesar sold out and Lupercalial feasting in the lobby as audience arrives. The education department is in a separate building over towards the Rose Theatre and provides a constant stream of school kids being introduced to Shakes and capable faculty and actors teaching them. Hail Patrick.

It’s so normal to gush about fellow players and the mutual appreciation society can quickly tilt into factions and cliques. I want to gush about Nick, Alex, Helena, Daiva, and Katrina all recent graduates of E15. Warren, Natalie, and Diana all ensemble members since the inception, Adam, Matthew, John, english yorkshire scottish men with 3 different physiques and skill sets. Reuben, oh Reuben. That’s you named. The rest have been named in previous posts. But what’s in a name?

Just broke off writing because the three wayward sisters hauntingly searched for each other in song (thrice to thine and thrice to mine). Palpable through earphones, one tentatively calling from the pit. Another answered from stage right through the audience and a third through the Up Stage Left door. Spooky and goose bumpy.

And there it is again. That cry. It’s going dark it’s going dark!

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