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Henslowe at SWP:

A month ago feels like a fleeting year since playing Henslowe and improvising in Original Pronunciation. Henslowe and Alleyne. What a pair!

Grace Iopollo’s lecture-performance (with actor reading) told us about Edward Alleyne who forced a change in Henslowe’s Will the day before he died. He could barely hold the quill. A bunch of […]

Original Practice or Faith based acting

Elizabethan actors had no Stanlavski, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Meyerhold, Grotowski etc. type schools of thought attached to their acting. They had senses, memory, and imagination. An actor given a cue script has no context, only text. […]

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

Good questions. Oxford brought the Italian style to England, what is called ‘the English Renaissance’. […]

HHH and Catholic Will

The triple H is the German professor Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel. She’s one of us, BUT she is a believer in Catholic Shakespeare. At least her scenario gives poor Will of Stratford a chance to actually live and breathe. […]

What my shakespeare needs….

William S. on Will Sh’s literacy, in him and his family. Will’s mum and dad may have been unable to write but able to read. His father certainly was numerate. […]

More conclusions…

What’s the purpose of knowing who an anonymous playwright/poet was, if knowing alters nothing? […]

Historicizing Shakespeares…SAQ

First conclusions: Biography is not the purpose of Sh studies and doesn’t alter appreciation of Shakespeare. […]

Bite back…

…Oh anonymous, how much curiosity you cause. You and your half-friend, pseudonym shadow the walls of history. Who was who? Must know who deep throat is! […]

In the blue corner Billy J RAY…

The blue corner belongs to the Oxfordians. The red is our own bloodied but unbowed champion. The trench warfare in comment threads about Sh’s wounded name is divided and divisive. It is also highly entertaining, despite being frustrating. […]

Thanks to the readers of this blog…

…to all those readers of this blog, to you, my thanks. All over the world the majority of bloggers are grateful for the regular readers they have. Interests are thesaurical and astronomical. And to follow all blogs or read all books is impossible. […]