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We have a run of 750 sonnetbooks. Each book signed by William S




Sonnet Book

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228 books LEFT out of a run of 750 sonnetbooks. Each book signed by William S. i.e. 523/750 WS.

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A satisfied customer’s review of the Sonnetbook

Will Sutton, already a great Shakespeare actor and sonnet performer, has now created a compelling new volume of the Bard’s 154 sonnets. In place of the historical essays and analyses of topics and themes often found in such collections, Sutton begins with a brief explanation of his color-coding system that guides both experienced and novice readers through the actions, thoughts, and structural components of each poem. The volume is brilliant in its simplicity. With it, I am re-exploring works I have been reading, performing, and teaching for decades.

David Alan Stern, PhD

Professor of Dramatic Arts
University of Connecticut
Founder and Owner
Dialect Accent Specialists, Inc.

Here’s a sneak preview inside:

Breakdown Sonnetbook


ALSO AVAILABLE for a PATRON Price: 2500 Euro: All 154 Sonnets of William S. on VINYL. COLLECTOR’S LIMITED EDITION (Six LP’s per box set).

Record 1: A 1-14 B 15-28

Record 2: C 29-42 D 43-56

Record 3: E 57-70 F 71-84

Record 4: G 85-98 H 99-112

Record 5: I 113-126 J 127-140

Record 6: K 141-154

ONLY 4 sets pressed. 3 for SALE.

Recorded at FSA Studio Amsterdam

Sound Engineer: Stefan Osadzinski