Sonnet Book

We have a run of 750 sonnetbooks. Each book signed by William S



Slow Arts

Slow Arts

Actors activate text into life-forms. Using Poetry as an act of realignment.

But when dealing with Hamlet, which text are we talking about?

1st Quarto – a gritty murder mystery

2nd Quarto – twice as many words and the most quotable

First Folio – 77 more lines than Q2

Books are made by others

Texts are made by authors

Hamlet texts on Wiki

Side by Side 3 text Hamlet




Say them, feel them, become them

Thought leads to Speech accompanied by Action

The Character’s thought is contained in the Text

The Actor reveals the Dynamism of Sound in Text

Animating its latent Energy

Characters feel the Maximum they can

and the Whole moves and informs

You fly blind in Shakespeare

like a Metal and a Magnet

Lines determine what’s said

the Space between them belongs to the Actors


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