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Sonnet Book 2015 edition

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We […]

Original Practice or Faith based acting

Elizabethan actors had no Stanlavski, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Meyerhold, Grotowski etc. type schools of thought attached to their acting. They had senses, memory, and imagination. An actor given a cue script has no context, only text. […]

Latin praise in Mere’s Palladis Tamia

Well it’s not just for Shakespeare, but he is mentioned in the same breath as Ovid and Horace and several contemporaries. My latin is lesse than Shakespeare’s so I called in help from visiting linguist David Crystal for a little pre-prandial translation. Several observations arose from this. […]

LIARS and LIES in Shakespeare

The top ten types of lies and liars: 1. A notorious liar as in everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have such an unsavoury reputation only strangers are misled and then not for long. […]

Bite back…

…Oh anonymous, how much curiosity you cause. You and your half-friend, pseudonym shadow the walls of history. Who was who? Must know who deep throat is! […]

Original Pronunciation Post…

Anyways Original Pronunciation has entered my world en masse this last week. If you are curious about OP then start by pressing here: which leads you to Paul Meier’s excellent free e-book. […]

Don Patterson on Sonnets…

Ok enough time has past since Don put out his book ‘Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets’. Don’s insights into Sonnet writing are invaluable to anyone discovering the form. Today’s post will delve into the world of Shakespeare’s Donnet form. […]

Moonwalking with Shakespeare…

The previous post on Joshua Foer’s attempt to convince us of the usefulness of a memory system failed. His book neither proved nor disproved any value attainable through the acquiring of a larger conscious memory. […]

Moonwalking with Einstein…

…Subtitled: the art and science of remembering everything by Joshua Foer. Or how a young journalist for the Rolling Stone won the US Memory Championship in a year. […]

First Folio Frankfurt 1622…

…let’s get to the point. Mark Rylance cryptically throws this nugget of information into his plea for a more open-minded approach to the authorship question. (See Shakespearean Stage post for the video).

Obviously we needed to scan this inconclusive tidbit. What is Mark suggesting with this information? So we returned to re-printed between the years […]