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Original Pronunciation Page

Paul Meier will be your teacher in his excellent free e-book OP pdf.

You could do worse and spend the 35 dollars to buy his Voicing Shakespeare.

And of course the kudos go not only to Paul, but to the man who introduced him to OP and the single motivating source in our time, Professor Emeritus David Crystal. His website, original pronunciation.

David Crystal also has some recordings Pronouncing Shakespeare .

As You Like It read by Jennifer Geizhals AYLI in OP phonetic script.

Paul Meier’s website also has a link to a downloadable Midsummer Night’s Dream with OP phonetic script and recordings by David Crystal.

Ben and David Crystal go viral on Youtube showing their OP skills.

Did Shakey have a Canuck about? OP workshop in Stratford Ontario.

Ben Crystal does this for the British Library John Donne’s sermons in OP.

This site from New York purports to be a group devoted to performing Shakespeare in OP.

A Telegraph newspaper article called How should Shakespeare sound links to soundbites of OP.

British Library CD full of various actors speaking OP lead by Ben Crystal.

The SOund Comparisons page also has SHAKESPEARE OP in the menu as well as (Macbeth fans)! Early Modern Scots.