Sonnet Book

We have a run of 750 sonnetbooks. Each book signed by William S



Sonnet Book 2015 edition

Sonnet Book 2015/2016 edition
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We have a run of 750 sonnetbooks.
Each book is verified with a personalised series number
and signed by William S.
i.e. 1/750 WS. 2/750 WS. etc.

HERE’s why you’ll want to get YOUR copy.
COLOUR + ORGANISATION SCHEME allows you to see at a glance
regular Iambic Pentameter, (YELLOW)
feminine endings, (PINK)
Run-on lines, (ORANGE)
and how many lines are broken. (GREEN)

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(plus shipping to UK, EUROPE + USA/CANADA).
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Will’s Sonnetbook is recognised and registered by
the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in the Netherlands.

ISBN: 978-90-9029441-4

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General Inquiries

A new version of William Sutton’s Q1609 Edit of the Sonnets,
in a very easy to use book.
The new edition is the same handy A6 size with a heavy-duty spiral binding.
The paper weighs 200g; so thick, tear-proof, and durable.
The book totals 81 pages with flexible transparent covers.

These books, like the poems, are built to last.

Our flagship site mainpage
now contains Shakespeare’s Sonnets in overview.
Organised by colour and printed exactly as in the book.
Symbols allow you to navigate by theme.
You can view the sonnet and hear it spoken by William S.

William provided the recording currently being used on the Shakespeare Pro app.

Review Shakespeare Pro app.


Here’s a sneak preview INSIDE the book:

Title Page Sonnetbook

Title Page Sonnetbook

Breakdown Sonnetbook

Breakdown Sonnetbook

Backpage Sonnetbook

Backpage Sonnetbook

And it’s been proofed:

A total of ONE PRINT-RUN ERROR must be noted.
The colour of sonnet 22, line 10:
is YELLOW and should be GREEN,
as the punctuation breaks the IP line:
As I not for my self, but for thee will,
FORTUNATELY there are no other colour mistakes.
EASILY Remedied by taking a green hi-liter and going over the line.

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