Sonnet Book

We have a run of 750 sonnetbooks. Each book signed by William S



How now, Sir William! whither were you sent?

How now, Sir William! whither were you sent?
My name. His name. Yes Sir.

Whither go you, George?
Third of me middle names.

Whither and thither indeed.
Yet I cannot go thither, without knowing whither.

We’ll to Sutton Co’fil’ tonight.

Faith, sir, a’ has an English name;

Lord help us, he’s too, too vain!

My fore-past proofs, howe’er the matter fall,
Shall tax my fears of little vanity,
Having vainly fear’d too little.

What fears stop the achieving of dreams?
Who makes dreams harsh realities?
Harsh? Why harsh?
Fore-past proofs, or all that’s done, not in vain.

Away with him!
We’ll sift this matter further.

We will.


My middle middle-name’s Cuthbert.

He talked of Bertram and Hubert and Robert.
He used his brother’s name, Gilbert.
He spoke of libertines and liberties and liberty.
He even coined Flibbertigibbet.

If he knew St Lambert,
he knew St Cuthbert (wiki-wik).
He almost used all of me.

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