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We did it.

We being Homepage Shakespeare Dallas in the AT&T Wyley Theater on May 28th, 2017.

So Shakes Dallas had a 5 year plan to complete the oeuvre of WS. The final read-through consisted of 154 Sonnets. And Yours Truly got the job of hosting them.

As incidental Shakespeare events go this […]


1616-2016 NEW YEAR SHAKESFEAR Will it all be too much? This celebration of his death. The world is going all out to celebrate. Will our own contribution be lost?

The fear isn’t about his language. Nor that some other biography will be proven. The fear makes the difference. The difference lies between our ears. The […]

Sonnet Book 2015 edition

Sonnet Book 2015/2016 edition NOW for SALE! Click on the BUY NOW button and it will take you to our PAYPAL account. PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online! Place your order and it will be shipped within 2 days. We have satisfied customers from California to Glasgow.

We […]

Shortest Sonnets marathon in history?

A Scotsman of my acquaintance pointed out we recited his 154 sonnets on his 451st birthday i.e. 154-451 or 451-154. How cool is that? Shakespeare as cool. That would be scanned.

Take this marathon idea. A week beforehand, we planned to simply do a birthday SHAOKE session with Devon Glover aka the Sonnetman from […]

OP Jazz in the Big Apple

This post is a jazzed up recollection of things that happened. In the interest of closing one project before starting another. In the interest of recording the meeting between and memories created of actors that are more than just additions to social media. In the interest of brand new verbiage and methodological terminology […]

OP reviewed…Good and bad.

What we explored was how to create an ensemble working within the strictures of cue-script and the new-old accent of OP to see what the results would be. Those results surprised us and the audience. […]

Original Practice Shakespeare sonnets and songs

Many years ago in Cafe Quelle, Amsterdam I did a sunday afternoon performance in drag. A fruitless 20 minute search for a photo documentation will no doubt please many of our readers. And disappoint a few too. Trust me she was fruity. […]

OP Songs and Sonnets by Shakespeare

How does OP affect singing and reciting?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that OP is the great leveller of the Shakespeare playing field. By that I mean a possible re-exploration of the canon without resorting to conceptual renewal, be it sci-fi, zombie, colonial plantation.

The OP accent is not about historical revisionism. (An utterly […]

LIARS and LIES in Shakespeare

The top ten types of lies and liars: 1. A notorious liar as in everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have such an unsavoury reputation only strangers are misled and then not for long. […]

GUEST Post: Translating Shakespeare to “Modern English”: A Defence

Translating Shakespeare spans centuries and many languages. Late in the 20thC it has become the turn of Early Modern English to be made into Modern English. Many are against this practice. I mean would we do the same for Middleton or Marlowe? […]