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Naming Will in the (1st 126) Sonnets:

Naming Will in the (1st 126) Sonnets:

6.5+6 That use is not forbidden usury, Which happies those that pay the willing loan;

22.10+11 As I not for my self, but for thee will, Bearing thy heart which I will keep so chary,

26.7+8 But that I hope some good conceit In thy soul’s thought (all naked) will bestow it:

40.7+8 if thou this self deceivest, By wilful taste of what thy self refusest.

51.13+14 Since from thee going he went wilful slow, Towards thee I’ll run,

57.13+14 So true a fool is love, that in your Will, (Though you do anything) he thinks no(w) ill.

58.9 you your self may privilege your time to what you will,

58.14 Not blame your pleasure be it ill or well.

72.7+8 And hang more praise upon deceased I, Than niggard truth would willingly impart:

80.7+8 My saucy bark (inferior far to his) On your broad main doth wilfully appear.

81.3+4 From hence your memory death cannot take, Although in me each part will be forgotten.

88.8+9 That hou in losing me, shalt win much glory: And I by this will be a gainer too,

88.13+14 Such is my love, to thee I so belong, That for thy right, my self will bear all wrong.

89.5 Thou canst not love disgrace me half so (w) ill,

89.7+8 As I’ll myself disgrace, knowing thy will, I will acquaintance strangle

111.9 Whilst like a willing patient I will drink,

112.3+4 For what care I who calls me well or ill, So you o’er-green my bad,

117.9 Book both my wilfulness and errors down,

123.13+14 This I do vow and this shall ever be, I will be true despite thy scythe and thee.

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