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Shadows at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Shadows at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Things change in the shadow world. Fear meets awareness, the imagined becomes real. Paper cutouts make an army.

Shadow Army

Candles cast shadows. Lots of them. Lights are brighter than candles. They too obscure. The rehearsal process is a shadow of the final show. Topping and tailing a shadow of rehearsal.

The pit, the deck and the balcony are fully explored. Straight lines turned to curves. Actors now characters shaped by cue scripts and walking with sticks. Push, pull, resist and yield.

Yet magic happens all along. The details of the programme and flyers for Tanner Street require attention. Three photographers in the ensemble. Behold the cast and crew shot by our Twitter feed of rehearsal photos Aslam. To see them live:Buy your Ticket for Tanner Street 3-5th august 2015

Photo Credit: Aslam Husain Photography

Photo Credit:
Aslam Husain Photography

The dog fetches the tennis balls…

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