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Vive la difference…

TP2 is the Tudor Prince Two theory that Elizabeth squired Oxford, then with him squired the Earl of Southampton. Kooky and kinky! […]

IDEA Sonnet to the Readers

If you doubt Shakespeare you doubt his friends. Michael Drayton was a friend. Mikey wrote sonnets and published them year after year from 1594-1637. […]

A plain reading of the sonnets

Let’s call this a PLAIN reading of the Sonnets. Intent is a fickle mistress. What we intended and what we have done is here for your appraisal and approval. Or diss! Kan ook! […]

First Folio Frankfurt 1622…

…let’s get to the point. Mark Rylance cryptically throws this nugget of information into his plea for a more open-minded approach to the authorship question. (See Shakespearean Stage post for the video).

Obviously we needed to scan this inconclusive tidbit. What is Mark suggesting with this information? So we returned to re-printed between the years […]

The Shakespearean Stage…

…constantly keep returning to basics where Sh is concerned. And utterly basic to getting Shakespeare is by experiencing him in the theatre. […]

I’m the eighth old man called ‘Enery…

Henry Tudor. We all know him, whether as gouty tub o’ lard or gorgeous hunk o’ flesh. He had six wives we know too: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. The first beheading was Elizabeth’s mum, Anne Boleyn. The first divorce (ever) was Mary’s mum, Catherine of Aragon.

Shakespeare who loved history plays wrote a […]

Shakespeare by another name…

is a travesty of nature.We have the man with the name wearing the mantle. Fact. The authorship question for the Stratfordians is whether he deserves to wear that mantle. For the truly orthodox Stratfordians the notion that it isn’t he is preposterous. Beneath contempt, infra dig.

All other candidates imho seek to denigrate our true, […]


…first read this: Summary of early modern theatres and theatre goers.

This account, which dates from 1596-1598, is probably the single most important source of our knowledge of the internal layout of the London theatres. It consists of a diary note together with a sketch of the internal layout of the Swan Theatre. […]

The many lives of W…

…from the 1580’s until 1610’s.

Like Quincey Jones our Will’s career be it as lame actor or genius writer spans 30-40 years. Assuming his career start to be in the London theatre milieu of mid-1580’s. He may have had some amateur practice if these events are taken into account as by Eric Sams.

In […]

Shakesperger’s Syndrome…

….time to take stock.

I think when it comes to Shakespeare I may suffer from a mild fom of Aspergers syndrome.

All I seek is companionship in appreciating Will, but people get really weird when this subject arises. They either know too much. Or not enough. And I always intend to find out […]