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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Love this discussion about Petruchio.

In Q2 of Romeo and Juliet (1599), at what modern editors would number 3.1.90, occurs a line of type, centered and reading “Away Tybalt.” It looks like a stage direction, and is so taken by most editors. But in 1960, George Walton Williams wrote an […]

Women of Will: that would be scanned…

We all know women, and particularly the roles Will wrote for women, were never acted by women on the Elizabethan stage. But structurally men or boys rather took the women’s roles. (Cross-dressing seemingly being in the English genes from Panto to POW camps ever since). The French allowed women on their stages, the Spanish too. So why not the English? […]

LIARS and LIES in Shakespeare

The top ten types of lies and liars: 1. A notorious liar as in everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have such an unsavoury reputation only strangers are misled and then not for long. […]

Shakespeare Unbound…in a nutshell

…It all began with the internet. Just to be clear fb friends are people you interact with online and have never met in person. if we meet we will click. Shared interest in Shakespeare is enough but there’s more. There’s a difference towards the kooky the quirky the little bit out of the ordinary. […]

All over the place…

…all over the place and unfocused in between being focused and accomplishing the necessaries. Anarchy is big on my personal radar. Politically i’ve never defined myself, except as my behavior showed my politics. I am as fascist in my thinking as I am hippy. This was sometime a paradox, but if you ever witness’d two snarling scrapping hippies, my friend, look to it! […]

GUEST Post: Translating Shakespeare to “Modern English”: A Defence

Translating Shakespeare spans centuries and many languages. Late in the 20thC it has become the turn of Early Modern English to be made into Modern English. Many are against this practice. I mean would we do the same for Middleton or Marlowe? […]

Revenge Rape and Murder in Titus Andronicus…

Titus is often reviled as infra dig and too bloody and too early to be any good. But it stands as a guide to themes that will be explored in Sh’s later works. […]

Original Pronunciation Post…

Anyways Original Pronunciation has entered my world en masse this last week. If you are curious about OP then start by pressing here: which leads you to Paul Meier’s excellent free e-book. […]

The trouble with quibbles…

….or mind your p’s and q’s. In literature, a quibble is a common plot device, used to fulfill the exact verbal conditions of an agreement in order to avoid the intended meaning. […]

The Shakespearean Stage…

…constantly keep returning to basics where Sh is concerned. And utterly basic to getting Shakespeare is by experiencing him in the theatre. […]