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Renaissance Electronic Texts is for the serious student.
Interested in how the Original Sonnets changed into modern text?
This scholarly analysis of Q1609 by Hardy M. Cook and Ian Lancashire shows the path from 1609 Quarto to encoding it for computer and database use. Beware of the technical language:

The Place 2 Be: Shakespeare's Sonnets by Nigel Davies
provides critiques of all the sonnets plus more Sonnet information than is listed here:

The Shakespeare Authorship page counters the Authorship
claimants and provides an unbiased approach with links to the biased homepages
In favour of W.S. of Stratford upon Avon:

The Shakespeare Oxford Society homepage, with links to other
biased accounts In favour of Edward de Vere (verily)! 13th Earl of Oxford:

Be very careful to note the emotional rhetoric the Oxfordian's use. They are intelligent people manipulating the historical record. Very funny is their use of Alan H.Nelson as a scholar apparently in favour of Oxford but whose research in historical archival documentation proves exactly the opposite. Especially interesting are Oxford's letters which Oxfordian's never reproduce!

Alan H. Nelson's page:

Some of you may have seen the Frontline show on PBS. This show is heavily biased in favour of Oxenford. Here is a link to an essay that infuriated Charlton Ogburn Jr. the author of The Mysterious William Shakespeare:

The Shakespeare Authorship Sourcebook by Mark Alexander
also proposes de Vere as Shakespeare on his flashing blue homepage:

Life in Elizabethan England
A compendium of easily digestable facts on Elizabethan Society 1558-1603 (Elizabeth's reign) created for Renaissance Fair participants:

Want to learn how to speak with an Elizabethan accent?

Looking for Interactive teaching and discussion possiblities ?
Try Surfing with the Bard with the dedicated Amy Ulen.

All these links and more can be found at Terry Gray's
Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet:

For European Surfers try these homepages:

Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries (In dutch and english).
Don't forget the Dutch helped to make Renaissance England a great power. (Maps, telescopes, microscopes, naval defense at the Armada, Humanistic philosophy, Protestantism, beer, hard liquor, the Droeshout engraving, the De Witt drawing, the big hardcore swearwords were tried and tested in Dutch).

Also Shine or Shakespeare in Europe is an attempt
to understand the current Cultural diversity of Shakespeare:

The German Shakespeare Society
Don't forget the Germans have studied Shakespeare for a long time. Their links

The Poor Yorick Shakespeare Multi-Media catalogue
is a perfect first stop for those shoppers interested in any aspect of multi-media from DVD through VHS to cassette recordings of Shakespeare's plays, poems and criticism.
The person who runs this site is a powerhouse Shakey enthusiast who also loves fight films, foo-aaah!

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