Phone: 00-31-20-6813900
Mobile: 00 31 6 281 273 16


Height: 180cm-5`11``
Weight: 78kg-175lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Shoe size: eur.43/44- Can.9
Suit size: eur. 50
Hat size: eur. 40
Collar size: 15
Chest size: 96cm
Waist size: 84cm/34in
Trouser length: 106cm

Sutton didn’t become an actor for fame and fortune, and so far it’s working. Sutton is doing the only thing he’s good at in a competitive market. He is proud to be a working actor. (Get your own fries)! Sutton’s performances run the scale of possible paid work for thespians: industrial films, corporate CD-Roms, TV Drama, feature films, voice-over, dubbing, auto-cue, educational tapes and CD’s, commercials, demos, film festival simultaneous translation and audio-visual productions. He acts in theatres, on location, for seminars, through role-play, as readings, upon diverse comedy podia and gives Sonnet workshops and even directs one-act plays. In compiling the list below Sutton fully realises his acting career is only slightly impressive. It is extremely possible you never have, nor ever will, see any of these productions. An asterisk indicates those productions on Sutton’s show-reel.
Remember: Acting is doing and seeing is believing.


You may have heard Sutton’s Voice-Overs:

Mc Donald’s Result/DDB
Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Outcast
Rolo Liberty Films
Smiths Dippa’s Liberty Films
M&M’s Liberty Films
Cool Voice - Bijenkorf, Vonk
America Today,
Storyboard Postbank, Vonk
‘Venus in Furs’, Moskito Films
‘Soul’, M. Kadalie - DEFA Studios
‘Library Love’ A. Agresti - Metasound
‘Boys’ Metasound

You may have seen Sutton’s Corporate and Instruction videos:

Role: Client: Director/Producer:
Psychiatrist Mood Disorders Peter Mader Peter Mader Prod.
Patient Schizophrenia Peter Mader Peter Mader Prod.
Police Officer Colpi Cirquest
Chief Executive Siemens Benno de Groot
Multi-camera director Philips lighting J. Blankesteijn/BBP
Grandmaster of Malta Philips DAP-Emea,
Research Developer Philips Semi-conductors J. Blankesteijn/BBP
Harrison Ford type Sony DVD J. Blankesteijn/BBP
Soldier Dutch Army: PSU and FATS, K. Dolman/AVKDL
Smart cleaner SEI Internet L.vdWouw/J.Heijnen Prod.
Top Salesman Europe Combined Terminals, J.Markus /Yvent films
Pilot Fokker S. de Hoogh
Business traveller Schiphol Airport D.Brinkhuis/Trimage
Superman Fortis Interactive R. Baars/Quadrant
Jazzband manager Unico S.Brockhuis / Mommenhoff
Unilever S. de Hoogh
Company Spokesman DMVMelkunie P.Linssen / Lukkien Films
Responsible skier ANWB Corazon Films
Cinema commercial Flash Casinos M. Volleberg / T 36 Prod.
Reporter Suntec City M. Volleberg / T 36 Prod.
Company Spokesperson Mega Limburg M. Volleberg / T 36 Prod.
Inept salesman Mitsubishi T. Bayens/Rhizome Prod.
Wealthy customer Toyota Joel Verdikt / Rough Cut Prod.
Businessman Omniworld J. Blankesteijn/BBP
Job Applicant WDS Recruitment Jens Vokking Prod.
AKZO Nobel
AMEV verzekering

You may have enjoyed these Television and Cinema productions:

Role: Production: Director/Producer:
Tony Music video - Close II You J.
Robin Bowman Diamant 1 & 2 Berend Boudewijn/John De Mol.
Dealer Goede Tijden Slechte Tijde J. Nijenhuis/Van de Ende.
Road worker 12 Steden, 13 Ongelukken Peekel Stips
Lead’s best friend Modern Crimes Alejandro Agresti
Torture Cop El Acto en Question Alejandro Agresti
American Tourist I want to go to Prison
Canadian Soldier For a Lost Soldier Roeland Kerbosch/Sigma Films
Art Dealer Affair Play Roeland Kerbosch/Sigma Films
Lead: male prostitute The Prodigal Son Chris Mitchell/Spellbound Prod.
Escaped Convict The Best Thing in Life Paul Ruven/Minimal Movies
Doctor Stripper Shocking Blue Paul Ruven/Ijswater Films
Hooligan lead Benidorm Jaap van Eyck/VPRO
Police Officer In naam der Wet Barbara den Uyl
Giggly Burglar The Diamond Empire (BBC) - Robert Golden
Comedy Interview Cultural Breaks: Amsterdam BBC Digital
Office worker Deloitte & Touche commercial, Liberty Films
Eyebrow raiser AH commercial PMSvW/Y&R
Anchorman ASB commercial Liberty Films

You may have blinked and missed me in these films:

Role: Production: Director/Producer:
American Airman The Little Riders K.Connor/Staccato Films
Drowned Sailor Prospero’s Books Peter Greenaway
First Guard Baby of Macon Peter Greenaway

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