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Ludicrous – Vivaldi, Max Richter + Pericles

Ludicrous – Vivaldi + Max Richter + Pericles
Ludicrous, ludiek, define please?

adjective: ludicrous

so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous.
“it’s ludicrous that I have been fined”
synonyms: absurd, ridiculous, farcical, laughable, risible, preposterous, foolish, mad, insane, idiotic, stupid, inane, silly, asinine, nonsensical;
informal crazy “a ludicrous idea”
antonyms: sensible

early 17th century (in the sense ‘sportive, intended as a jest’): from Latin ludicrus (probably from ludicrum ‘stage play’) + -ous.

Or even what are the chances of that happening? H-dropped and n-stopped or no in a broad cockney accent with all attendant associations.

Max Richter’s redeployment of the meme that is known as Vivaldi’s 4 seasons (would that he would do the same for Grieg) casting and casts its spell againe and againe. The iconic shattered in icy realms of ear candy in its non-sweetest sense. The soloist the voice, the ensemble his support. Down to the harpsichord solo. One part with multiple roles. The composer(s) hanging us on an instant before resolving into another uplifting flourish or downward spiral. The absolute ability of the musical instruments quality above actors; to pinpoint anguish and exquisite longing for what follows. And damned be the consequences.

Publicly private and privately sold to a public. Publics refined or defined by their mass alike; the two audiences hearing and listening whilst watching, seeing, observing; remarking, judging, approving, disapproving, all one and the same though not felt the same. One soul not enough for a gift so large. Achieved only in conjunction, a re-assemblage of the parts to a whole. What’s in a re-assemblance?

Seems Madam? Nay, t’is.

Ensembles prove to us the necessity of one’s fellowe (in whatever particular madness you follow). The beauty and honesty that only a mulitiple many-layered collective single narrative can tell. On any given night. (Or sunday if that’s more your bag).

Made for one thing. Outlived its use. Now used for another thing. Like the old water pump station now fashionable restaurant we type in OR Vivaldi-Richter-Pericles. Huh? And yet it fit. My opinion not enough, manies opinions mounting to sure thing with question marks as to why. An interplay if you will. (not being facetious or funny, which is my simplistic default state of reaction).
I wasn’t alone in feeling it that night. It suited a dream. It wasn’t, or I would be telling this to my shrink instead of the bloogy warld.

Someone travelled from Bologna to be there that night. We’d travelled and travailed since our arrival working 3 days towards that night. The sound guys in one evening and an afternoon of mere hours working with all mechanical and artisanal skill, approving-disapproving, mixing OP accents from two handfuls of differing accents and channeling it all through giant curving banks of speakers into a single feed. For those faces, bodies and their attendant 5 wits and senses to witness what was done that night.

The musicians as bemused as our audience. To begin with. For to be a part meant to focus on what was happening. Us usurping their place in the spotlights, casting them as shadows to the shadows of characters we created from the words (our notes) and threw away as we moved into the funnel of the play, which leaves Pericles the older with his daughter in a process of discovery. Strike me!

Make a wound so i who have not felt for so long can feel. And to let that feeling resound ever since? From day to day trying to find those moments back, which were as fleeting as the snow that melts outside. Cold weather makes us all react in the same way. just as rain makes us bend though ever so slightly, so the cold sharpens our focus on keeping warm. Not just physically from our extremities to our heart. But to the extremes of our soul’s longing to be a part of the whole. Define.

plural noun: extremities

the furthest point or limit of something.
“the peninsula’s western extremity”
synonyms: limit, end, edge, side, farthest point, boundary, border, frontier; More
perimeter, periphery, margin;
literary bourn, marge
“the eastern extremity”
the hands and feet.
“tingling and numbness in the extremities”
synonyms: fingers and toes, hands and feet, limbs
“she lost feeling in her extremities”
the extreme degree or nature of something.
“the extremity of the violence concerns us”
synonyms: intensity, magnitude, acuteness, ferocity, vehemence, fierceness, violence, severity, seriousness, strength, power, powerfulness, vigor, force, forcefulness
“the extremity of the violence”
a condition of extreme adversity or difficulty.
“the terror of an animal in extremity”
synonyms: dire straits, trouble, difficulty, hard times, hardship, adversity, misfortune, distress; More
(a) crisis, an emergency, (a) disaster, (a) catastrophe, calamity;
a predicament, a plight, mess, a dilemma;
informala fix, a pickle, a jam, a spot, a bind, a hole, a sticky situation, hot water, deep water
“in extremity he will send for her”

late Middle English: from Old French extremite or Latin extremitas, from extremus ‘utmost’ (see extreme).

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