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2014 DECEMBER facebook group blog

2014 ends and 2015 begins and We wonder what’s it all about?

It’s been a great year and we could easily bow out of the Shakespeare game a happy puppy and not be missed. That would be scanned. Over on Facebook the group about this blog has become more the blog than the blog is. It’s certainly where much time is spent searching out the story behind the story. And every now and then a scoop appears such as the First Folio find in France in November. Also it allows us to gloat about our own successes which seems to be the raison d’etre of facebook in the first place. Our community is growing and in several years we would love to visit the countries where our members live such as Brasil and sub continental India and the antipodean islands and continent. Our members are participants in the process. Shakespeare is a process. We are nearing 500 members. There are daily links to topics of interest. Should you want to join follow the link and send a request. This blog will continue in its own way.


Some yuletide fun but can we call them SHelfies (used already in the twittersphere of people’s bookshelves) ie A selfie of you and Shakespeare in any shape or form. Capitalise the first two letters to set it apart from the shelfie. (BTW we had the idea first and sat on it, then got trumped by the book shelf thing. Timing is everything they say). Here’s mine: WillSuttonSHelfie
You care because you can make a better one between now and 12th Night and post it to the group or tweet it @yluvsh

Now on to news that doesn’t involve us. Speaking of selfies the blogosphere was up in arms that the Guardian sub-editors used the word to describe portraits of Robert Dudley:
You care because you either care or don’t that they did.

One of my favourite metrical scholars Marina Tarlinskaja publishes her newest tome:
Shakespeare and the Versification of English Drama.
You care because it tabulates the metrical styles of Elizabethan and Jacobean scribblers. Additionally it provides non-emotional fuel to the Shakespeare Authorship Question whilst backing up the work of Ward and Valenza doing the same work with databases on computers.

Anthony Sher, one of those excellent actors most people have never heard of, did a live webchat.
You care because the world is full of fantastic actors that are not famous and never will be famous in the superstar sense of fame. Shakespearean theatre practitioners worldwide know that this playwright will allow them to act to the best of their ability knowing the acting creme de la creme has been there and done that before them.

The ever inventive Good Tickle Brain created some christmas carols.
You care because the Shakespearean character letters to Santa on McSweeneys date from 2009.

The Horrible Histories crew have put together a new movie called Bill. Here is the trailer:
You care because it will be one of the funniest takes on the early modern period since the long running and best selling Complete works of Shakespeare.

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